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Exhibition area: 4000M2

One of the three thematic pavilions at Expo 2020 Dubai, the signature pavilion of the Mobility District showcases human movement from the beginning of time to a not-so-distant future.

Featuring architectural design by Foster and Partners, the different content areas cover the story of human mobility, starting with the pioneering role of Arabic navigators from the 10th-12th centuries, and evolving to explain in spectacular fashion modern phenomena such as current world trade routes and future forms of mobility including the Internet of Things (IoT) and the U.A.E. space exploration programme, highlighting its first mission to Mars in 2020.

The visitor experience is divided in three Acts connected by themed corridors. It starts at the building’s core with a ride to the third floor on the largest circular lift in the world, with capacity for over 160 visitors, to then descend by foot on a spiralling 330-meter ramp through the different content sections and end at the lowest level of the pavilion.

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Exhibition Specialist Technical Partner to ALEC FITOUT (Exhibition Fit-Out Contractor).

Design Review; Design Development and engineering; technical advice in relation to selection of specialist sub-contractors, including media production companies; assistance with procurement; design and supervision of mock-up exhibition; BIM coordination and supervision; coordination and supervision of production, fabrication and installation including the following specializations: graphics, bespoke furniture, theming, AV hardware and Media production.