Client: Expo 2020 Dubai. Project surface area: 88m2. Year: 2021

Adjacent to the UAE Expo 2020 Pavilion, at the core of the Al Ghayath Trail that recreates the diverse ecosystems of the emirates, the Peace Memorial is a gesture of remembrance for the fallen heroes who died in the service of their nation. 

The design of the monument incorporates four precious materials closely linked to nature that symbolize strength, stability, luminosity, purity, and excellence.

A stone wall in the form of two halves of a semicircle represent strength in sacrifice and embodies two closely linked concepts: defence and protection. The stone is inlaid with small particles of mother-of-pearl, representing the eternal light of the martyrs.

A marble beacon on the ground in the centre of the monument has a concave surface also covered in shells, reflecting sunlight on the stone walls as if emanating from the marble lens, creating an iridescent light, a symbol of the spiritual energy left behind when lives are lost.

Scope of works: Architectural Design comprising Pre-Concept Design, Concept Design and Developed Design; as well as Design Custodianship during the fabrication and installation phases.