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About This Project

Wuxi, China.

Wuxi Capital Wu Helv Site Development Co. Ltd.

650 Sqm.


Immersive interactive experience consisting of video projections on the walls and floor telling the story of the rise of the Wu Kingdom. The visitors become part of the show as they move around the space, due to the interactive floor that takes up the whole area. The show is the first area of the archaeological museum.


Employed on this project by: Acciona Producciones y Diseño, S.A.U.


Scope of Work:

Design Development of the full Design Package (Concept Design + Developed Design + Detailed Design).

Supervision of Production and Installation.


Key points:

The largest interactive space in the world.



Art Directors Club Award 2015: Spatial Communication/Media Projection Gold Medal.

Red Dot Design Award: Communication Design 2014.

International Forum (IF) Design Gold Award 2015: Interior Architecture.

New York Festivals 2015: Silver World Medal.

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