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About This Project

Muscat, Oman.

National Museum of Oman

5600 Sqm.


The National Museum of Oman hosts the country’s main collection of artefacts and objects. It shows Omani heritage and culture not only through the collection itself but complemented with audiovisuals, interactives, graphic systems and models.


Employed on this project by:  Acciona Producciones y Diseño, S.A.U.


Scope of Work:

Project Manager for the Detailed Design Project, Production, Fabrication and Installation of the full package of the permanent exhibition’s content.


Key points:

Real historical XVI century Mihrab restored and displayed.

250 showcases with more than 4,000 artefacts and objects.

The largest showcases in the world.

1:1 scale replicas of Omani ships.

4K AV Theatre.

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