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About This Project

Shanghai, China.

Saudi Commission Expo 2010

3300 Sqm.


The main part of the Pavilion is “The Treasure”, an immersive audiovisual show in which a moving walkway takes the visitors floating over the inner curved surface of the building which is fully projected with stunning images of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Employed on this project by:  Acciona Producciones y Diseño S.A.U.


Scope of Work:

Design Development of the full Design Package (Concept Design + Developed Design + Detailed Design).

Supervision of Production and Installation.


Key points:
The largest video projection screen in the world: 1600 sqm.


Gold Medal for Best Pavilion by Bureau International des Expositions.

Red Dot Award Design, Best of the Best 2010.

International Forum (IF) Communication Design Award 2012.

Bronze Medal New York Festival 2011.

Art Director´s Club Award 2011

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