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About This Project

Granada, Andalusia.

3860 Sqm.


The Memory of Andalusia Museum focuses on the history, art and culture of souther spanish province of Andalusia.  Through audiovisual and interactive elements the museum is themed around 4 different areas:  “The Land”, “The Villages”, “The People” and “The Art and Culture”.


Employed on this project by:  Acciona Producciones y Diseño, S.A.U.


Scope of work:

Production of a filmed landscape titled “Landscapes of Memory” presented on a six screen format (36 meters x 2,5 meters) filmed with two synchronized Red One cameras.

Production of 110 films titled “Protagonists of History”.  Filmed with a Red One camera placed vertically to adjust to the 80 inch screens in the museum.

Production of a series of films for the interactive exhibit titled “Windows of History”.


Key points:
Landscape films projected onto six screens 36 meters wide and 2,5 meters tall.  Two synchronized Red One cameras.
110 shortfilms that feature high quality film production values and professional hair/make up and wardrobe.


European Museum of the Year 2011 (Special Commendation).

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