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About This Project

Moscow, Russia.

3460 Sqm.


The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center is one of the largest jewish museums in the world.  The permanent exposition presents the history of Russia through the examples of the culture and everyday life of the jewish people.  Twelve themed halls are equipped with panoramic cinemas, interactive screens and audiovisual installations.


Employed on this project by:  Acciona Producciones y Diseño, S.A.U.


Scope of work:

Production of the film “The apartment” which pretends to show the average apartment of a jewish family back in the day.  It was filmed using chroma key and old furniture.  The jewish actors that were filmed where placed in vertical screens inside the reconstructed apartment in the museum.


Key points:
Beginnings Theatre: A 360º film with CGI, 3D and animations.
Tolerance Center.  An interactive that contains 60 interactive ipads and a very large videowall for educational purposes.

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